Raw Materials

Durablend has the capability to receive and handle a vast range of raw materials. Our warehouse has been designed to segregate allergens and organic raw materials from general products.

As a contract manufacturer we have no issue with the customer supplying all raw materials, however we do have great purchasing capabilites and relationships with both commodity and specialty ingredient suppliers.


Durablend’s experienced QA team drives the implementation of Durablend’s Quality Management System and Policy. This means, QA is our priority.

  • We are licensed for the manufacture of Category 4 Premixes and Supplements under our APVMA Veterinary Chemicals certification.
  • The operation of Durablend Pty LTD’s Quality Management System is designed to meet the requirements of HACCP GMP – Codex Alimentarius Alinorm 97/13 A.
  • Australian Certified Organic ACO certificate allows us to handle organic product for primary production.
  • SAI and Woolworths WQA auditing ensures a standard of high quality is met. This means that we must comply with all Australian and New Zealand food manufacturing and packaging standards.

  • NPD- New Product Development

    Durablend can assist in the development of new products. Our strong manufacturing and engineering experience allows us to develop manufacturing methods to serve our customers special requirements.


    Durablend has the capacity mix powders and liquids from Development Batches right through Tonnes per hour.

    Contract Blending

    Our strength is in our capabilities to blend.

    Our Blending systems have been validated to ensure that we produce high quality homogenous finished product.

    We have a wide range of blending capacities, ranging from small premix and pilot batches right through to full production runs. Some of our blended and packaged products include:

  • Gluten free corn flour
  • Protein and meal supplements
  • Cake mixes
  • Pancake mixes
  • Herbs and spices
  • Pet food
  • Weight loss shakes
  • Milling & Size reduction

    Durablend utilises a wide range of milling and size reduction technologies. Our equipment enables us to carry out milling and size reduction of large and small quantities for a range of applications including: food, pharmaceutical, nutrition, cosmetics and industrial.

    We have the capability to mill down to 20 micron whilst still maintaining a tight particle size distribution. This achieved by using a range of classification techniques.

    These include:

  • Hammer Mills
  • Knife Mills
  • Air classifying Mills
  • Lump crushers
  • Attrition Mills
  • High speed Pulverizing Mills

  • Packing

    We operate out of a purpose built facility that ensures the highest standards are kept in our manufacturing processes. Our clean packing rooms are designed to give full segregation between production lines, ensuring allergen controls are always in place.

    Our capabilities range from Sachets, pillow packs, bottles, jars right through to 10, 15 and 25Kg bags, and buckets. We can also bulk pack into Bulker Bags and Liquid Drums.

  • Form-Fill-Seal (Pillow Packs, Block Bottom)
  • Bartelt (High speed Horizontal sachet Packaging)
  • Sachet Fillers (Liquids & Powders)
  • Canning Line
  • Powder Filling Lines (Jars, Doy Packs & Tins)
  • Liquid Filling Lines (Bottles, Jars & Tubs)
  • Powder Packing – ( into 25Kg open mouth & Valve Bags)
  • Bulk Packing – Bulk Bags and IBCs ( intermediate Bulk Bins)
  • Mixing & Blending ( Ribbon, Paddle and High shear mixing technologies)
  • Mixing & Granulation of powders

  • Distribution

    With the capacity of holding up to 1,700 pallets, Durablend has to ability to receive and dispatched trucks of all sizes, including B-Double Semi trailers.

    Durablend has the capability to manage deliveries of finished goods, organizing the distribution to the warehouses of our customers request.